The Construction Process

Our 8 Step Construction Process

Having any sort of construction done in your home can be a daunting, overwhelming and seemingly endless undertaking. Because of that, our team makes sure that you and all other potential clients understand each of the 8 steps we take to make the process as easy and painless as possible. All you’ll need to worry about is how you’ll be breaking in your newly finished space.

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Getting Inspired to Start Your Project

You’ve finally hit your breaking point. You’re tired of that unfinished basement or outdated space and you’re ready to tackle the project. You’ve heard from your neighbors, friends, people online that D&G is the contractor to hire so you do your research – read reviews, check out the portfolio and follow D&G on Facebook & Instagram. Then, you decide reach out.

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Free In-Home Consultation

The D&G Team gets in touch with you to set up an in-home consultation. During the consultation, a D&G team member meets you at your home to see the space in person, review design possibilities, measure the space and most importantly, collect any and ALL design ideas and desires you have for the space. Yes, that means you should show us your Pinterest, Houzz and any other design inspiration images you’ve collected.

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Transforming Your Vision into a Design Reality

As a team, D&G comes together to dissect the in-home consultation findings. Our contractors, architects and designers learn about your vision and design inspirations to create a layout that best fits your space and lifestyle. Handing the baton over to our in-office architect, a 2D and 3D walk-through layout of your space is then created.

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Plan The Review

The D&G Team invites you to their office and local showroom to review plans for your space. During this time, our contractor and designer provides you a detailed overview of the design elements included in your space – walls, doors, lighting, room size, etc. Then, you have the opportunity to fully visualize the potential of the design with a 3D rendering of your space – you can even virtually walk through the space to get a feel for dimensions. Finally, it’s time to sign & get started.


Selection Meetings

This is the fun part. During the selections meeting it’s finally time for you to put your designer hat on and pick all the finishes for your space with the help of our in-office designer. This is when you pick the tiles, faucets, accent wall elements, flooring, wall color and SO MANY MORE trendy, chic, modern, whatever your style, finishes. The best part is, this can all be done at the D&G local showroom conveniently located within our office building. Not in the designing mood? Don’t worry, our designer will handle picking the finishes for you.


Pre-Construction Meeting

As your project start date approaches, the D&G Team schedules a pre- construction meeting in your home. During this meeting, you have the opportunity to meet with D&G’s trade team that will be working in your home. The trade team will walk the construction space reviewing the written plans and prepping for the upcoming project.


D&G is Getting Started

The materials have arrived in your home and D&G is getting started on creating your dream space. We will keep you up-to- date through all phases of the project informing you of upcoming milestones and answering any questions you may have. The D&G project coordinator is there as your guide from project start to end.


Start Living In Your Space

As we approach the end of your project, the excitement builds to begin living in your space. The D&G Team will close out your project and it will be time for you to enjoy your brand-new space. We would be happy to help you break-in your space. Let us know if we can help you throw a party to celebrate (really, let us know).

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